Resilient Carterton

Since its inception in 2015, Resilient Carterton have been working to build a more resilient community. Their goal is to create a resilient community that is highly connected, where people support and trust each other, are there for each other in times of needs, and are prepared for the unexpected. This group is run by volunteers. 

Some of the initiatives developed by Resilient Carterton include: showcasing sustainable homes throughout the district and educating others on how to make their home sustainable; food forest workshops; time banking; and screening films like ‘Living the Change’ and ‘Tomorrow’.

They have initiated Permablitz groups in Carterton where a group of people get together and help design and create each other's gardens. There is some education and design at first and then a number of working bees to put the plans into action. This is a fantastic way for newbies to get into home gardening and composting. 

Over the past 12months, Resilient Carterton have greatly boosted their contribution to the community by organising “Celebrate Carterton,” a social expo/festival that showcased the array of clubs, societies, service groups, charities and community groups in Carterton. The aim was to celebrate the district with a fun day of activity, finding out interesting things, and catching up with people old and new. There were performances, presentations, stalls, entertainment, and activities to participate in, and the event was highly successful.

One of Resilient Carterton’s strengths is being able to partner with a wide variety of community groups to organise events and projects. Their commitment to the community was demonstrated by being 1 of 5 organisations nationally to secure a Community Led Development Partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs. This is a two year partnership to engage with the community to identify shared issues and concerns, and generate local solutions. This is a significant opportunity for the Carterton community and required a huge amount of hard work by the volunteers. 

Find out more about Resilient Carterton at their website — resilientcarterton.nz