Photo: Jannelle Preston-Searle

Photo: Jannelle Preston-Searle


Marie-Claire Andrews

"Marie-Claire Andrews has created tech startups, run an event-app company, organised conferences and major events, been a business adviser and consultant, and founded Wellington’s angel-investment network. She calls herself “a driven, ambitious workaholic”, and travels regularly to Sydney, San Francisco and New York. In November 2017, she shifted to Carterton." — as featured in North & South Magazine. 

"When Marie-Claire moved to Carterton last November, she noticed a co-working space was “conspicuous by its absence. It was a surprise, as so many people work from home here…” Once unpacked and settled in, Marie-Claire met Carterton Mayor John Booth, who lives next door. 

“I mentioned how cool a co-working space would be in Carterton. John said, “Make it happen”.

That night, she put an advertisement on Neighbourly, asking for help with the new venture. Within a few weeks, the new 3Mile team had received sponsorship, funding from Carterton District Council, furniture from Nood in Wellington and a coffee machine from Upper Hutt collective Able Coffee. Carterton electrician Rob Stockley offered to help with the wiring and light fightings, while several other locals put their hands up to paint the inside of the building. 

“It was a great community effort. I think people do want to feel proud of this town,” Marie-Claire says." — as featured in Wairarapa Journal.

Marie-Claire writes...

"I'm delighted to support Carterton's application to be recognized as New Zealand's Community of the Year.  I moved here only 9 months ago, and have never known such a welcoming, supportive community in 20 years of living in NZ. 

The project I wanted to start was immediately supported by 20 volunteers from different age groups and interests, who never for a second suggested they needed paying or any recognition — and within 10 weeks together we'd opened a new business on the high street. 

Complete strangers bought into my idea, supported it with time, money and resources — unbelievable! Once the business was opened I was invited to provide input into council considerations of economic development — such a privilege to be brought into such important conversations but a reflection of the amazing integration of council and community we have here."


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