Photo: Sarah McDonald

Photo: Sarah McDonald

Lucy Adlam

Upon moving to Carterton approximately 9 months ago, Lucy saw a need to connect mothers across the Wairarapa by establishing the Wairarapa Mums group. The group gives local mums a place to connect and support each other. This platform now has now grown to over 900 local young mums, providing advice and resources that are greatly needed. 

As well as Wairarapa Mums, Lucy also runs the Intergenerational Playgroup across seven retirement homes in the Wairarapa. The playgroups are a win-win situation, a great social development for the children, wonderful for the elderly and meaningful for the Wairarapa mums to meet each other and have this untiring support network. 

The transformation of residents has been described as moving - having young babies and toddlers visiting on a regular basis provides them with special memories of their own childhoods. 

Photo: Piers Fuller

Photo: Piers Fuller

A visit from Jacinda Ardern has been a highlight for the Intergenerational Playgroups. “I think to me, having the Prime Minister come, it just shows how amazing this country is to get behind community initiatives and empower people in the community. It means a huge amount,” Lucy Adlam said.

Her efforts are huge, and greatly appreciate by many. And to top it all off, this wonderful woman is a busy mum of two!

Lucy writes...

"I moved to Carterton just over one year ago and I feel so thankful we discovered this hidden gem. Carterton has a huge sense of community and I have found it so easy to make friends and find outlets for my interests and passions. There are endless community-focused projects happening, with an emphasis on sustainability, inclusion, arts and community development.

I have created my own community initiative (Wairarapa Intergenerational Playgroups), which aims to alleviate loneliness in elderly. I've been amazed at the support I have received from my community here in Carterton. I have tried to start this initiative overseas and it didn't get anywhere near as much support. There is no where else in New Zealand I would rather be living, and truly appreciate how fantastic this town is."


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