Carterton Playcentre

"Today Playcentre was a hub of activity and through the mix of it we met some amazingly generous people and I just wanted to share with you all. So this morning there was one member of the Lion's waterblasting outside, the flooring people were working in the new area, the contracted painters were working in the bathroom and we were painting the ceiling in the main room (so lots of people). 

During the morning a cleaning guy also came in to have a look at the rest of the floor to see if he could come and polish it for us. He looked around at everything that was happening and asked a bit about Playcentre and straight away offered to polish our floors with the big machine buffers for FREE, we only have to pay for the product that he will use. He hopes to come in for a few hours tomorrow to do the new section and then for a few more hours next week to do the old part!!


Carterton Playcentre being renovated.


Then about lunch time the Lion's guy came inside and asked us about that old play stove and kitchen unit that's all broken outside. He said he'd like to replace it with something that he has already made - but is too big for his grandchildren's bedroom. He showed us a photo of an amazing wooden unit he's made which has a cupboard and stove etc all included. He wanted to gift it to the children of the community! :)

Tomorrow a whole crew of Lion's members are coming in to paint windowsills, door frames and a part of the outside of the building. This is all completely voluntary to!! 

I left today feeling so inspired, knowing that our kids are loved and valued in our community! We're so lucky to be part of Carterton!"

Karin Bosch, Carterton Playcentre